Since 2016, KiemMachine has been offering agricultural machinery and equipment. Thanks to these machines offered, we aim to help you solve your needs by reflecting the best prices on the market. Although we can meet the needs of large agricultural machinery, our company has been established to take place in the world market of Turkish industry. Our company has established the KIEMMACHINE brand in order to sell and distribute its products in domestic and foreign markets and has gained the quality as a brand in a short time.

The most important feature that differs from other manufacturers in the Agricultural Machinery sector is the extra service offered to the Customer Solutions. With this service, extra measures to be taken from various locations and customer-specific requests take priority and can be intervened if there are problems. With the extra services offered, you can get quality and perfect machine. We are able to offer you all the information you need and the most affordable prices. Kiem Machine acts as required and focuses on customers.

When you want to learn about our machines, you can act according to the ideas of our consultants and have your own machine. We are always at your side with our machines produced under the name of Kiem Machinery. Agricultural Machinery and Tools are happy to help you with your needs.



Our company is the national / international market and the effectiveness of our field of expertise in order to improve the efficiency constantly improving their methods, which pioneered the industry, to be respected organizations in Turkey and internationally to be the most reliable provider.


Our products and service quality are constantly improving by customer demand and meet the expectations at the highest level, strong communication  to create an emotional bond between us and our consumers and our customer loyalty to be the most preferred leader in domestic and foreign markets,  to increase our competitiveness and customer potential.